At: Sardhapur, P.O. Kumurisingh, Dist. Angul.

                                                                                                                                                   DIPLOMA IN ENGINEERING

ASE Offers full time diploma courses  in six leading branches of Engineering. These courses are recognized by the  Technical Education in the State viz. The Directorate of Technical Education and Training Government of Odisha, and approved by the AICTE New Delhi.  The time duration of the courses is three years i.e. 6 semesters.





Civil is everything around you, the buildings, roads, waterways, town planning etc. In short it can be called as Civilisation Engineering, and maybe that's the reason we are calling it as Civil.

This Branch deals with the selection of materials for usage in construction, estimation, planning and execution of big constructions maybe like Tidel Park, Dams Roads etc. Earlier this was the hottest but now in recent years this branch has little takers. The PWD department, which was actively recruiting earlier, has reduced the intake and hence this branch is run for namesake in some colleges.

Job Prospects: Government jobs in PWD, highways, CPWD, all Public sectors, Private construction companies like L&T ECC.
Recommended highly for students whose parents or relatives are having some construction business either here or abroad.


: Mechanical Engineering is the study about the Manufacturing Process, Machineries design, implementation and maintenance .In fact the only branch which has not gone down in its popularity in all these years. Mechanical engineering is growing in parallel with any developments technologically and so it always floats above whatever may be the new technology. To make it more clear in a simple way: earlier cars and other things were designed manually but now the CAD software is used extensively to design the same more efficiently.

Job Prospects: Goverment, Public, Private, Software development using CAD , Small industries etc

Job profile: Maintenance engineers, Design Engineers, Production Engineers etc.


Mining Engineering deals in drilling and blasting,materials handling,rock mechanics,mine health and safety,ore reserve analysis,operation analysis,mine planning and minerals processing.

Mining Engineering are needed for mineral extraction and other fields where the earth crust is utilized.The construction industry,with its requirement of developing roads,railroads,tunnels and the hazardous waste disposal industry are the example of such application.These are rapidly expanding needs with a shortage of qualified people.No need to say Mining Engineering is of high demand in the present time and our area is full of mines and industry to build your career.

Job Prospects: Mining Engineering find employment opportunists both in government as well as private sector.Companies like ONGC, Coal India, Geological Survey of India, HCL, IPCL, Nalco, Tisco, Teclo,Reliance, Adani, Vedanta Mines etc.

Job Profile: Design development of underground roads,railroads,tunnels,hazardous waste disposal systems,maintaining  and adopting of mining safety measures.


Electrical and Electronics Engineering is the branch which deals with production ,distribution, maintenance of power. This includes the study of the machines and components involved in the above. Electricity is to be there till the world is to be there so you can expect constant demand for the Engineers. The engineers design or maintain the electrical machines in big power corporations, factories, Hotels etc. Wherever there is an electric installation there is a need for an electrical engineer.
The Electrical engineering has also undergone some technological changes and that's why the word electronics is there.

Job Prospects: Jobs are in all Government, Private industries, Consultancies. More abroad chances in the Gulf regions like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Singapore etc.

Job profile: R&D, Design, Maintenance, Marketing, CAD, Software design.



ETC  deals in the principle of electronics, design etc and the Communication part deals with Analog and Digital communication (the AM/FM you might have seen in Radio), Television, Transmission of signals through telephones, network etc. Since the development in this electronics and Communication is increasing every 1-year, the scope of this branch is very vast. This also becomes a slight disadvantage, as the electronics you study may be outdated when you come to industry!

Job Prospects: Government organisations like Defence, Satellite centres, and R&D labs of big companies

Job Profile: Design, Development and maintenance of components and instruments, Marketing.



One of the most demanded branches in recent years. The demand is so much that colleges were demanding money to give the branch to students leading to counseling. Also seeing the demand universities are creating new branches in the name of Information Technology to accommodate students.

Job Prospects: Now everything is related to computers and so Government, Software companies ,and Global opportunities will be there. And the scope is growing .

Job Profile: Software development, maintenance etc