At: Sardhapur, P.O. Kumurisingh, Dist. Angul.






Discipline and Security Requirements

 All Students are required to wear the prescribed uniform when they are present in the campus for identification.

  • All Students are provided with Identity card which will be worn by them without fail when at the institution.

  • All Employees are provided with Identity Card which will be worn by them throughout their presence in the Campus.

  • Late comers, both staff and students, are to enter the details in the register maintained at the security office at the entry point.

  • Permission letters are to be provided to the security office when students/staff leave early before the scheduled timings of closure.

  • Parents/Guardians of students and visitors are required to register their name, address and purpose of visit at the security office.

  • Any items belonging to the Polytechnic College can be taken out of the campus only after producing an authorised Gate pass at the Security office.

    Standards of Conduct and Discipline



  • Students must be regular and punctual in classes and must maintain discipline.

  • Students have to appear for all tests conducted for continuous assessment as per the schedule announced. If anybody, for compelling and very valid reason such as illness or serious domestic reasons, could not attend a particular test he or she should produce medical certificate along with a letter from parent/guardian for consideration for giving a retest at the discretion of the concerned staff.

  • Students must maintain discipline in Workshop, library, laboratories, sports field etc and observe the rules prescribed from time to time.

  • Students must not leave a class without permission which will entail cancellation of attendance.

  • Students are advised to keep safe their belongings.

  • Students shall not handle or displace any models, apparatus, instruments, tools or books belonging to the institution without the permission of the concerned staff in-charge.

  • Any student causing damage to models, apparatus, books, furniture, building or property of the Polytechnic College will be imposed severe penalty.

  • Any student who is persistently insubordinate or repeatedly or willfully mischievous or has committed an act of serious indiscipline or misbehavior or who in the opinion of the institution has an adverse influence on the fellow students may be expelled permanently or removed from the rolls for specified period by the Principal.